Affordable content

Are You My Reading List?

by Your Campus Library

When you don’t know what you’re looking for, searching for reading materials for courses can be frustrating. The Reading Lists tool makes it easy for you to find your perfect content match.

Curious George and the 3D Printer

by UITS Digital Education Programs and Initiatives

George was a good little monkey, and always very curious—he certainly wouldn’t be able to resist the 3D printer.  If you’re also feeling curious, find out more about 3D print services at IU.

eTexts and Ham

by IU eTexts

Can you use eTexts in a boat? Can you use them with a goat? Learn more about working with eTexts—affordable, accessible content that can, indeed, be used anywhere!

Everybody Reads

by UITS Digital Education Programs and Initiatives

A student reads a big text. Another reads tiny text. Different texts need different kinds of reading. Different assumptions, different backgrounds, even different purposes. Learn how to cue your students to read texts in different ways and “encourage” reading.

Nancy Drew and the Mystery of Virtual Reality

by UITS Digital Education Programs and Initiatives

How can you use VR at IU? Where do you go to get started? And what’s the deal with those goggles? Put your sleuthing skills to work to solve the mysteries of virtual reality.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go with Canvas Commons

by Instructure, the makers of Canvas

You’ll join the high fliers who soar to great heights when you store, retrieve, and share your course materials in Canvas Commons. Success is imminent—98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.

Pressbooks Here

by Unizin

Using Pressbooks to create and publish content allows you to enhance texts with video, links, and activities, enabling interactivity in a way that you never could with a print textbook.

The Libraries, the Videos and the Collections

by Your Campus Library

Step through the (virtual) door of one of IU’s libraries and discover a magical world of collections, from books and journals to music, fashion, and streaming video.

The Magic School Bus Explores Digital Courseware

by IU eTexts

Make like Miss Frizzle and wow your students with digital courseware like games, simulations, and video feedback tools. According to our research, they’re going to love it!

The Pigeon Wants an OER!

by Your Campus Library

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are teaching and learning materials including courses, media, or textbooks that can be used and revised freely, and are completely free to students. It’s no wonder the pigeon (and everyone else) wants one!

Where the Ally Things Are

by the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers

Accessibility issues are WILD and can cause your students to get lost in your course. Learn where the Ally Things Are and help your student to become a King (Or Queen!) of their educational journey.